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Date Canceled Last-Minute - 9 Ways How to Reply + Examples - AttractionGym (1)

You’ve got a date coming up with a stunning girl. Sick!

The day is here and you’re fully prepared.

But only hours before, you receive a fatal message:

Hey sorry, but I can’t make it today

She flaked last minute.

Keep your head cool (if you want to see her another time) because in this article you’ll get:

  • The best response to a canceled date
  • 9 Tips to turn a flake into a date + examples
  • How to avoid the 4 biggest mistakes when she gives you last-minute cancelation excuses
  • How to react on her excuses to cancel plans
  • How to turn your phone in your personal Hugh Hefner to attract women
  • How CSI can help you prevent the date from being canceled last minute
  • Many more flake-removing insights…

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Her last-minute excuses to cancel plans – What now?

You were looking forward to going on a date with an amazing woman, and now she’s canceling plans.

Damn. That sucks.

Date Canceled Last-Minute - 9 Ways How to Reply + Examples - AttractionGym (2)

Believe me: I know how painful that can be.

But now is not the time to be down about it. If you do the right thing, you’ll have another date with her in no-time.

Though, you will have to be extra careful not to mess things up from this point onwards.

Most men make terrible mistakes when a woman cancels the date.

Once these mistakes have been made, there’s no fixing them. The damage has already been done. You can kiss the idea of taking this woman out goodbye.

Therefore, it’s essential you understand what the most common mistakes are…

So you never have to make them.

That’s why we’re starting off with the 4 biggest mistakes men make when a woman date-canceled last minute.

Read the mistakes. Remember them. Write them down. And never. Make. Them. Again.

After you’ve read about the 4 biggest mistakes, I’m going to give you 5 practical tips that explain precisely how you should respond.

After reading this article, you’ll know exactly what to do when a woman cancels the date.

Apply these tips, and you’ll have her out on an amazing date with you in no-time…

Let’s dive straight into it.

Put your phone on silent. Shut the doors and windows. Create a silent space for yourself, so you can truly absorb this valuable information.

Ready for it?


Let’s first look at the biggest mistakes most men make, as soon as a woman cancels a date.

>> 5 Tips on How to Cancel a Date Without Being Rude.

4 mistakes when she cancels a date

Engrave these mistakes in your mind, and don’t dare make them again.

Average Andy can keep making these mistakes…

But you?

You aren’t Average Andy.

You’re a boss.

So, Mr. Boss, pay attention, so you never make these mistakes again.

Tip #1: How to ruin your chances after last-minute date cancelation excuses

I still remember myself being an inexperienced, 15-year-old little Dan who, for the first time, had planned a date with a nice girl.

Date Canceled Last-Minute - 9 Ways How to Reply + Examples - AttractionGym (3)

But on the morning of our first date, she canceled.

She said she was “too busy” with school and therefore couldn’t meet with me.

Here’s a secret:

“too busy” is total nonsense 9 times out of 10. If a woman really wants to meet with you, she will do everything she can to make it happen.

In hindsight, I’m not proud of how I responded.

(But hey, every dating coach started somewhere)

I messaged her saying it was ok and that I would help her with her school work if necessary.

Then I sent her messages to “cheer her up” during her oh-so-busy day.

A few messages later, I tried to set a new date with her as soon as possible (more about this later).

This is the mistake many men make over and over again:

They become needy when a woman cancels a date.

These men completely accept that a woman cancels last-minute and then they treat her to a shitload of kind messages.

Stop doing this immediately.

I learned this lesson early on. But today still there are countless ‘adult men’ who make this mistake of neediness.

You present yourself as needy and easy. In her eyes, this lowers your value quicker than the stock prices in the financial crisis of 2008.

>> 33 Best Things To Do on a Date to Create Epic Memories.

Tip #2: Prevent the CSI mistake

Have a look at this scene from CSI New York:

Ok… so what do we see?

We see a cop (intimidatingly) asking a suspect a bunch of questions.

“And what does this have to do with a date being canceled, Dan?”

Well, let me tell you:

Most men go into CSI mode as soon as a woman cancels a date. The first thing these men do is ask for an explanation for why she’s canceling the date.

These men respond with things like:

But why are you so busy?

But you already knew you had to work. Can’t you cancel it?

But why can’t you make it?

Why is your aunt in the hospital?

Stop making this CSI mistake immediately. Stop questioning her. It’s not going to help you at all.

It just makes you look mistrustful and insecure. You are using logic to try and find out why she can’t meet up…

But the fact remains: she can’t make it. Period.

CSI-mode is not going to help you bro. Stop asking for an explanation.

However, if she suddenly starts to ignore you out of the blue after canceling, then have a look at this article which gives you solutions to that problem:

-> 3 Main Reasons She Ignores You (+ How to Fix it TODAY)

Tip #3: Show empathy over rescheduling when she cancels

No problem. So when are you available?

Oh… then when are you available?

Can you do tomorrow instead?

Then shall we meet this weekend?

Take a good look at the responses above and never say them again if a woman cancels a date.

It shows pure weakness on your part.

First of all, you’re fully accepting that she’s canceling (last minute). You don’t always have to do this (more about this later) because your time is valuable.

Second, you are also showing her that you have nothing better to do than immediately plan a new date with her.

It is also a sign of insecurity, which makes you extremely unattractive.

So: if she cancels… resist the temptation to plan something new with her so quickly.

You are a man on his path, so take your time seriously.

In short: You have better things to do than to chase one specific woman like some lapdog.

Depending on the situation it is usually 100x better to respond with empathy.

Tip #4: Get angry, get blocked

Want to know how to make yourself extremely unattractive faster than you can blink? Here’s exactly how to do that:

Get angry when she cancels.

Dude, she canceled.

I understand that it sucks.

But it’s totally pointless to interpret it negatively.

If your response is:

“Oh?! She has the nerve to cancel on me?! Now I’m going to show her that I’m not to be messed with!”

Then, bro… you’ve just lost 3-0.

What she will think:

“Oh? Is he angry? Fine, forget it then.”

BAM. You just got blocked.

Say “bye-bye” to the idea of ever going on a date with her.

Keep your head cool, my friend. Getting angry won’t solve anything.

Never interpret her messages negatively.

“Ok, Dan. Got it. But then how am I supposed to react?”

I’m glad you asked.

I’m going to explain that to you now with the following 5 tips.

5 responses when your girl cancels the date


Now you’ve studied your Average Andy’s most common mistakes in-depth, so you’ll never make them again.

So it’s time to learn how best to respond when she cancels the date.

Let’s go.

Tip #5: You are the prize

See yourself as the prize.

I have news for you, bro.

You’re a winner.

You’re a badass, awesome motherf*cker. All guys wish they were you, and all women want to sleep with you.

So, if she cancels, it’s her loss, not yours.

Assume that she absolutely wants to meet with you.

So don’t get upset or frustrated. She’s missing out on a date with you. That’s too bad for her!

Adopting this mindset will help you to be less needy and to approach this in a more relaxed way.

Be cool. She wants to meet, but she can’t right now.

You shouldn’t be bothered because you are a confident man who lives in abundance.

“Well… to be honest, Dan… I’m not that confident at all.”

No worries, bro. Research shows that confidence is something you can develop step by step.

And we at AttractionGym are happy to help you with that.

Check out this article to give yourself a huge boost on the confidence side

Tip #6: Live like High Hefner


Hugh Hefner.

The creator of Playboy and my idol.

Check out this picture of that legend:

Date Canceled Last-Minute - 9 Ways How to Reply + Examples - AttractionGym (4)

Here’s a question for you, dear reader:

Do you think Hefner would be fazed by a woman canceling a date?

“Uhh… no, I don’t think so.”


Of course, he’s not going to be bothered by that.

And why not?

Because he lives in abundance.

He’s surrounded by beautiful women.

So, one cancels? Who cares. He has plenty of options.

My dear bro,

You can live like Hefner too.

And no… you don’t have to start a successful magazine to achieve this.

The only thing you have to do is to take massive action and meet multiple women.

“But Dan, the woman that canceled is the only woman I want!”
– The needy man.


You are way too focused on one specific woman (this is also known as ‘one-itis’).

There are plenty of awesome chicks out there.

The more you have in your life, the less you’ll care when one cancels on plans.

(When you get to the stage that you have 7 dates per week, it’s actually quite nice when one cancels ;).

So it’s time to take action and meet new and interesting women.

These articles will help you with that:

  • 17 Follow-Along Tips to Start a Conversation with a Girl Anywhere
  • These 7 Tips Saved Me from Awkwardness on the First Meeting
  • 23 Easy Ways to Be More Social with Women as an Introvert

Tip #7: The best response to a canceled date

Often you receive a message that says the date is not going to happen.

So long, fun Tinder date.

This happened to me via WhatsApp recently. Yes, even half-gods like the AttractionGym coaches run into obstacles like this one.

But the great thing is that AttractionGym is like a mastermind. We have an answer to everything.

And when you learn to live in abundance, a woman canceling will not be a big deal to you.

You can let her know this by responding lightheartedly and positively when she cancels.

Don’t become angry or frustrated. Don’t put her through a CSI interrogation.

Instead, respond with humor.

Look at this conversation I had with an awesome chick. I wanted to plan a date with her, but she wasn’t available.

This was my response:

Date Canceled Last-Minute - 9 Ways How to Reply + Examples - AttractionGym (5)

My message is lighthearted, positive, and humorous.

At the same time, I’m suggesting an alternative date in a positive way.

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The result?

  • She comes with 4 alternatives.

With humor, you prevent drama and show her that, for you, her canceling is not the end of the world.

In the following situation, I sent this picture to a girl who had to cancel the second date:

Date Canceled Last-Minute - 9 Ways How to Reply + Examples - AttractionGym (6)

The result?

  • A whole load of “hahaha’s” and we made plans for the second date that same day.

Pro tip:

Download my 5 Texting Tips to get more of these responses.

It’s a complete masterclass on texting (mindset, techniques, copy-paste lines) for the price of a click on the button.

Download for free right here.

Tip #8: What to text when she cancels

Remember, Tip #4 that many men make when a woman cancels?

They try to reschedule too soon.

I get it, you see it as a loss, and you want to compensate for that by trying to ensure the date will happen at a later time.

She cancels, and you immediately try to plan something new with her.

But this way, you’re actually rewarding her flakey behavior. Because she just canceled, and you’re immediately giving her even more attention.

She just canceled last-minute. She just wasted your precious time.

Fight the urge to plan a new date immediately.

When a woman cancels on me last minute, I often respond with:

Ok 🙂

And then I say nothing.

Nine out of ten times, she will suggest an alternative. But hey, maybe she doesn’t respond. That’s also possible.

In that case, give it some time (3 days or so) and send her a message unrelated to your date.

Then you restart the conversation organically, and you can plan a new date later.

“But Laurens, what if she cancels repeatedly?”

Good question.

>> The Three-Day-Rule and How to Effectively Time Your Texts.

This last tip will give you the answer what to do when she keeps canceling the date.

Tip #9: If she cancels plans often, do THIS.

Is this the 4th time she’s canceled?

Then it’s time to pull on the brakes bro.

First, you want to determine why she’s canceling so often.

There can be various reasons for this:

  • You haven’t built much connection with her
  • She doesn’t trust you
  • She’s not really that interested in you but is too scared to say
  • She really is that busy

Not feeling enough connection is one of the biggest reasons why ladies often cancel dates.

If you want to learn how to make a deeper connection with women, then read this article.

It can also be possible that she doesn’t like you…

That sucks bro.

The last thing you want to do is waste more time on her.

If, after canceling 5 times, she still won’t come out with you, then stop investing your precious time on her.

This tool will give you the Hefner lifestyle


You live like Hugh Hefner and you are not dependent on one girl.

If she flakes on plans every time, leave it be, and focus your efforts on other women.

In the words of my hero James Bond:

“You can’t win them all.”

Still, you’ve just gotten all the insights and tips what to do when girls come up with excuses to cancel plans.

Time to chat up other girls, bro, so you can live the Hefner lifestyle.

To help you with this, I’m giving you the Transformation Kit.

This pack teaches you how to approach women. And contains all sorts of lines and tips to melt the heart of any woman.

For example 5 Texting Tips with numerous copy-paste lines to keep every woman glued to her phone while she’s chatting with you.

The Transformation Kit is your ticket to living a Rockstar life in which you’ll have more dates than you can handle.



You can download the pack for free via the link below.

My Free Transformation Kit.

Best of luck.

Your bro,
Dan de Ram


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